VDMX Beta now ready for testing! (M1/Intel) OSX 10.15+

using PJPEG, also converted by AVF Batch exporter.
not using shaders, but running with a TouchDesigner file (it’s running on 60fps).

And i try to open under Rosetta than… many part of UI was broken and stuck or not response.
(but not crash and cant make crash report


What happens if you run HAP or ProRes (AVFoundation supported / Apple Silicon native) versions of your video files?

Also, please submit a bug report using the built-in bug reporter via the help menu.


Can confirm the multiple NDI hang-on-quit appears fixed! THANK YOU :pray::clinking_glasses:

HAP : better than others
ProRes : stuck and be around 15fps.

I have send bug report, please check it.

What is your default canvas resolution and frame rate?

hooray! i can see the sliders again in all their glory :)

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I installed last beta version, and working on “old” project (note a new one), and it’s running pretty well but:

  • All the menu in the software after a few minutes are stuck / invisible. I’m note able to quit the software too as the pop up screen asking if I really want to quit is not showing up.
    I can’t take a screenshot as it is useless (nothing to show).
    After I restart the software menu are displayed and the hidden again after few minutes / manipulation.

//I’m m1 with Ventura

What are the specs of your machine? Could you submit a bug report from the built-in bug reporter before it freezes?

Also, when it hangs, if you could collect a sample via the activity monitor, that would be great. Reach out to support at vidvox

it’s not a hang, the software is still running and most of the function is ok.
It’s just the menu that are stuck

Edit :
I tried to start the software and it does not work anymore at all
I have an important show in one week it’s a bit stressful

Edit :
After several uninstall and delete some folders and reinstall the software is running.
Hope it was just unlucky behavior

Did you update to Ventura? If so, was VDMX installed before the update?

After an update it is usually a good idea to fully remove VDMX and reinstall from the latest DMG to make sure VDMX has permissions and all the proper files in place.

I did a clean install of Ventura and then install vdmx
As said in my previous post I deleted all the vdmx I found even in the hidden files, probably didn’t find them all

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MacBook Pro (15-inch 2017)
16Gb / Radeon Pro 560 4 GB
VDMX b0.
Assets: HAP
Audio routing: Loopback

I was running a workshop last night and had multiple crashes (unresponsive app) when switching between presets. I will see if I can replicate the issue on other machines (Intel and Apple silicon). A crash report was submitted.


Testing the same project on an M1 running Monterey (12.6.3) cures the preset switching. I suspect the MacBook needs a clean up and reset. But I’m getting the black bar issue in the UI which is obviously a big problem.


Let us know if you can recreate it. Was it caused by switching presets?

Something for us to try and figure out is if it is some incompatible media, ISF shaders, Vuo files, etc. People have built on top of the same old projects for years now, and with all the changes to Apple Silicon / M1 and Intel with these Universal applications, it’s harder narrow down the issue without some good crash logs and project files.

I had an old project that kept crashing because of a corrupted ProRes video file. It wouldn’t load, but slowly adding the media bin helped me figure out that the video file didn’t transfer correctly from my old hard drive to the new SSD. (plenty of examples like that).


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I disabled my Vuo files and flushed the cache and had suspected an unlinked file as I sometimes load assets of my studio NAS. Will start with a fresh project to see if I can replicate.

iMac M1, 16GB
macOS Monterey 12.6.3
VDMX: b0.
Project and assets running from external Thunderbolt M.2 NVMe

Process: I created a new project with two layers and 3 presets and tested with VuoFx active and disabled (cache cleared).

Rapid switching of presets


  • Black bars flashing after a few rapid switches of presets
  • Black bars become persistent over time
  • When black bars are persistent Audio Analysis freezes
  • Continued preset switching can remove black bars in places or completely

@2bitpunk Note taken. For now I’d recommend sticking with b8.8.0.5. The major benefit of this version is for Ventura users who didn’t have vertical sliders. (unless you were experencing a lot of crashes with b8.8.0.5)


still have the same problem, multiple crashes at startup need to delete vdmx, some folders … and sometimes vdmx is ok. I have an important show on Saturday … stressful.

When the software is open it works fine.

Cheers I will try b8.8.0.5

One thing which would be useful is to make sure the version number shows in the app preview. I think this has been there before but it’s missing on the current builds.

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And when you used b8.8.0.5 you couldn’t see the vertical sliders?

A few thoughts.

If it’s crashing on start, something did not install properly, or an old preference is causing issues. Delete VDMX completely, (drag app to trash), empty trash, restart.

Then reinstall b8.8.0.6 and see if it launches.

Are you running natively or under Rosetta 2?

When you purchased your M1, did you transfer data from an older machine or start new?

How much memory does your system have? And what is the load in activity monitor when you launch VDMX?

  • Yes sliders was after a while was not working

  • I already delete the app a multiple time (delete some folder inside Application Support) It’s for now my only solution to get VDMX opening when it crashes on start.

  • Yes it launch until next time

  • I’m running natively

  • This is a clean install (boot from usb) / start new

  • 64 Go of memory

Juste after loading my project :

Thank you for your help