VDMX Beta now ready for testing! (M1/Intel) OSX 10.15+

still have the same problem, multiple crashes at startup need to delete vdmx, some folders … and sometimes vdmx is ok. I have an important show on Saturday … stressful.

When the software is open it works fine.

Cheers I will try b8.8.0.5

One thing which would be useful is to make sure the version number shows in the app preview. I think this has been there before but it’s missing on the current builds.

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And when you used b8.8.0.5 you couldn’t see the vertical sliders?

A few thoughts.

If it’s crashing on start, something did not install properly, or an old preference is causing issues. Delete VDMX completely, (drag app to trash), empty trash, restart.

Then reinstall b8.8.0.6 and see if it launches.

Are you running natively or under Rosetta 2?

When you purchased your M1, did you transfer data from an older machine or start new?

How much memory does your system have? And what is the load in activity monitor when you launch VDMX?

  • Yes sliders was after a while was not working

  • I already delete the app a multiple time (delete some folder inside Application Support) It’s for now my only solution to get VDMX opening when it crashes on start.

  • Yes it launch until next time

  • I’m running natively

  • This is a clean install (boot from usb) / start new

  • 64 Go of memory

Juste after loading my project :

Thank you for your help

I downloaded the new version and it keeps crashing upon start.
The Exception Codes: KERN_INVALID_ADDRESS at 0x000024a500007cb0

Any suggestions as to what I can do?

Thank you,

Going to start working on a new machine, M1 MBP. Should I stick with Monterey?

First step, delete VDMX, put in trash. Empty trash, then restart computer and reinstall from the latest DMG. If you are installing b8.8.0.6 OSX 12+ is recommended.

I would. I’m running b8.8.0.6 without crashes or issues, but it’s a gamble with Ventura users at this point.

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I’m testing on a fresh machine:

Apple Studio M1 Max
32 GPU cores
64GB memory
macOS Ventura 13.2.1

No UI issues on the first run. I had black bars on a iMac M1 with 16GB memory but no bars appearing on this machine. Waiting for licences to be freed up to test fully. No issue with preset switching.

@ProjectileObjects thank you for your patience !

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Could you submit a bug report if you haven’t already? Thanks

I send a report hope it helps

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Never version available:

same problems, after a while vdmx is crashing at start up.
Could you provide a list of folder and files that the installer create ?
Maybe I can delete all files and folder deeply, and do a clean install just to be sure that old files are not the problem.

I would try trashing your preferences:

And seeing if that changes the way your application behaves when starting up. Additionally, there’s a new version of VDMX as mentioned above.

Other locations VDMX installs to (which I believe are removed when you delete the app).
/Users/yourusername/Documents/VDMX Media
/Users/yourusername/Documents/VDMX Projects

More are stored under:
/Macintosh HD/Library/Graphics/ (ISF, FreFrame, Quartz Composer Plug-Ins).

Still crash …
there are 2 more folders :

/Users/yourusername/Library/Application Support/VDMX
/Library/Application Support /VDMX

Do you have incompatible shaders in your ISF folder?


Or incompatible audio devices? Fireface 802

Or imcompatible Vuo files?

It sounds like your system is loading projects that have assets that are causing it to crash. If you are on an M1 machine and brought assets over from an older Intel machine, they may not be compatible with your Apple Silicon hardware.

Please try to narrow down which assets are triggering the issue by renaming their location or deleting them all together.

As you have my report you know that yes I have this shaders, and a Fireface 802

But how can my Fireface 802 became incompatible ?? it works with all other software with no problem at all.

Not using any Vuo Files.

I’m sorry but I have to tell you once more, that It’s not when I’m loading a project that vdmx crash.
It crashes when I click on the icon … at startup.

And yes I did some test with the last beta version.

If it’s not loading at startup, then there’s something in your preferences (like preloading a previous project), or an incompatible setting that is keeping VDMX from launching.

In your system security preferences, does VDMX have access to files and folders and full disk access? Does VDMX have access to your camera, microphone, screen recording?

If you right click on the VDMX application, do you have read/write privledges enabled.

Does it not launch under Rosetta 2 and/or natively?

If you create a guest account, login, and launch VDMX, does it run?

If you’ve deleted VDMX multiple times from your machine and reinstalled it, the necessary files should be updated and replaced to run, or at least launch to a default template.

Did you change your security settings to reduced security to get your Fireface 802 to work on your M1 Mac? Mac USB driver for macOS 11 & Apple Silicon hardware (Page 1) — FireWire & USB series — RME User Forum

Is the Fireface 802 running with Rosetta 2 or M1 native software? How is it interfacing? I would disconnect it completely to narrow down what is causing your issue.

Are you running any sort of port blocking software, Little Snitch, etc. Any other app monitoring extensions, firewalls, etc?

I’m on an M1 Max Mac and these versions of VDMX run for me and many others, so we have to determine what is different about your setup / system, that is causing the issue.

  • Check all access added screen recording
  • All privileges enabled
  • Natively

I changed the security settings for the Fireface and it runs M1 natively

Not running any blocking software.