Bug - BPM text doesn't updated when *2, ↑, and ↓ are triggered through midi

Hey there, hopefully the community can help me out with this.

In my Clock plugin, I have my /2, *2, nudge ↑, and nudge ↓ buttons assigned to my midi control surface. When I tap the /2 button on my midi controller, the BPM is divided by two and the BPM label text updates. However, if I trigger the other 3 buttons on my controller, the actual BPM changes but the text does not update to reflect the new value.

The BPM text will only update in the App with the new value if I click one of those 3 buttons with my mouse or hit the /2 button on my midi device.

Example - If I smash the *2 midi button 5 times, then hit the /2 midi button once, the text updates as if I hit the *2 button 4 times. Sorry if this is all confusing - let me know if I need to rephrase this.

Do you want me koto upload a video of this bug to better explain it?


Thanks, Already aware of this issue, next time, please put it under the version of VDMX you are using to keep things organized:

The BPM does update with MIDI, but the UI values do not change, so it still functions properly, but the number changes are not visible. Keyboard, and OSC triggers seem to work normal.