Is it possible to get Cue List "Cue Time" as a data source?


The Cue List plugin has options to display various time offsets in the Time Display.

Is it possible to get these as data sources? Specifically, I’d like to use “Cue Time” as an option to sync media playback to a Cue List time signature. (eg: if I scrub the time-slider in a cue list the media bin playback will scrub to the same timestamp).




It is not currently provided, but maybe in the future.

The Timecode plugin offers functionality like this, and it can be used to drive a Cue List.



Thanks for the quick reply.

I think this feature would be helpful to many people coming from a Resolume driven workflow; specifically many live productions need to do SMPTE timecode driven video- and I can’t currently think of any way to archive this in VDMX (without making massively long video files).

In my case, each song has a lyric video that is synced to loops being run in Ableton. The most common way to do this is to create LTC audio files (roughly 10mins in length) for each song- so that the video control software can trigger each video file and keep sync if the song is reflowed live in Ableton. I don’t think this is currently possible in VDMX without creating ridiculously long video files for each song (imagine needing to do a 24-hour video file, just to keep up with LTC spanning that range!).

Here’s a quick video explaining this technique:

Let me know if this makes sense…




I’m also need this. Waiting. Thanks.

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