Possible LTC at 60fps? multiple movies in time order and sync by frame

Is it possible 60fps sync with LTC timecode?
Is there way to sync movies to SMPTE per frame triggered in any SMPTE time?

I would like to multiple movies in time order and sync every frame with LTC from Logic.
Movie1 0:00 - 1:00
Movie2 1:00 - 2:30
Movie3 2:30 - 4:00
If the playhead of Logic is at 2:15, immediately Movie2 triggered at 1:15 of the movie time.

I read the previous topic and found the suggested way.

The problem for me. I use 60fps movies. But with LTC, it seems that the playback is limited at 30fps. With MTC, it can be synced at 60fps smoothly. But I cannot use the suggested way above.

Thanks in advance!

Not sure if this answers your question, but this is from the LTC timecode wikipedia page:

Made up of 80 bits per frame, where there may be 24, 25 or 30 frames per second, LTC timecode varies from 960 Hz (binary zeros at 24 frames/s) to 2400 Hz (binary ones at 30 frames/s), and thus is comfortably in the audio frequency range. LTC can exist as either a balanced or unbalanced signal, and can be treated as an audio signal in regards to distribution. Like audio, LTC can be distributed by standard audio wiring, connectors, distribution amplifiers, and patchbays, and can be ground-isolated with audio transformers. It can also be distributed via 75 ohm video cable and video distribution amplifiers, although the voltage attenuation caused by using a 75 ohm system may cause the signal to drop to a level that can not be read by some equipment.

The limitation seems to be with LTC itself. Why are you unable to use MTC timecode? Or use an LTC to MTC or MTC to LTC timecode converter?

ProjectileObjects, thanks

Logic X as the master, VDMX as the slave. Trigger clips and sync frame by frame.
LTC = no 60fps (only 30fps), yes clips sequnce with clips (with as many LTC files as clips)
MTC = yes 60fps, no clips sequence (sync only one file)

As the master Logic X, I would like to make sequence with many short movies clips instead of one large movie file.
In slave VDMX, it is possible to trigger the movies clips with MIDI note or etc. But it doesn’t sync frame by frame with Logic X. If you make sequence with as many LTC as movie clips, it would be possible to sync with LTC at 30fps. MTC works with one large movie at 60fps

How does everyone play short clips with sequences at 60fps?

Interesting. I’m not personally familiar with Logic X. I wonder if you can use the Cue List built into VDMX to trigger you clips at the correct timing. So you can still send MTC, and set up the cue list to trigger at a specific MTC timecode.

Lemme know if that helps.

Timecode is different than your video frame rate.

It is a “ruler” used for referencing a position.
Therefore going past 30 is not neededed.

The timecode will be a ratio of your frame rate your using.

To achieve sync, hardwAre and software uses
The T/C as a locator position to get things
Roughly close. Then it Will use either video clock or work clock to lock the media in to either frame accuracy or sample accuracy.