Weird interface bug


I have encountered a really weird and annoying bug -
VDMX Drop down menus (ie. for changing bins or blend modes) doesn’t show. Trying to save or acces top menu bar doesn’t show the menus or save dialog box neither.

Only way to fix it is force closing vdmx and restart vdmx. But after a while it happens again. Really weird

VDMX MacOS 13.6 M2Max 64GB ram. 2TB nvme

It seems to be related to my vdmx project file.
After receiving some OSC commends a couple of times the VDMX interface (dropdown, save dialog window, fullscreen window, vdmx macOS menu dropdown) disables or gets invisible.
I am just controlling some layers properties (hide/show) and eject with OSC commands
Really odd.

Same bug as described here Menu bar not working

It happens when you eject a layer using external source (OSC, Midi, control surface). But it only happens if the layer source window is free floating. If you “x” it out so it pops back to the workspace inspector it doesn’t happen anymore. It’s weird. I’ve reported the bug.

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