Menu bar not working

I have transferred to a new M2 Pro Macbook. Installed vdmx b0.
So far the performance and functioning is good.
One problem I have is that the menu bar stops working after some use. I couldn’t figure out what might be triggering this bug. Anyone else having this issue?

I haven’t experienced it. Submit a bug report for your system.

A few other Qs:

  1. Are you running under Rosetta 2 or natively?
  2. Does the same thing happen if you use b8.8.0.8?
  3. What version of OSX are you running?
  4. Do you have “displays have separate spaces” enabled?
  5. Is this happening when you are connected to an external screen?
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I experience this problem quite often too. Sometimes it happens 5 minutes into the session, sometimes 3 hours. I’m not sure what exactly is triggering the problem. I think I have posted a similar post before too.

This happened both on my old Intel Macbook Pro and my new M1 Max Macbook Pro.

I’ve got the same problem. Both on m2pro and m1max. Both natively and rosetta2. Ventura 13.5 on both systems. tested on and
Display have separate spaced is disabled. Happens both on internal and when connected to external screen.
In one of my projects it never happens. In another project it happens all the time. Can’t find what exactly triggers it. Have sent bug report (today)

Are you also running Ventura 13.5?

I also still keep having this issue even when displays have separate spaces is disabled.
Macbook 2023 M2 / Ventura 13.5.1 / vdmx b0.

Make sure you send in a bug report using the built in help menu > report bug.

I’m assuming this is happening with OSX 13.5.1 (22G90) (August 17, 2023) [±] macs

Can anyone confirm this happening on 13.4?

I am on newst Ventura now, but this happened to me on Monterey and Big Sur as well. It was a a problem I’ve always encountered with VDMX, but I never figured out the trigger of the problem. Next time I come across it, I’ll send a bug report.

What are the specs of your computer?

I started to have the issue on Ventura 13.4 and now continue on 13.5.
I can not send a bug report because the menu is not reachable when this problem happens! Is there a way to do it a keyboard shortcut maybe?
I usually save the project with keyboard shortcut and unfortunately force quit vdmx to exit it.

Hi @ali-d

Two things to try here…

  1. Every once in a rare while, for some still unknown to us reason, running an update messes up the code signing of the app; fortunately this is easily fixed by deleting the app and then just re-installing from the latest dmg.

  2. If that doesn’t do the trick, we’ll need two pieces of information to get the ball rolling on diagnosing the issue.

  • A ‘Stack Trace’: You can get one of these by opening Activity Monitor, then launching VDMX, and then when it hangs, use the ‘Sample Application’ option in Activity Monitor, and save that to send to us.

  • The ‘Console Logs’: You can find these by using the ‘Go To Folder’ option in the Finder, and going to “~/Library/Logs/VDMX5”, and send us any recent logs that seem like they correspond to the hang.

If you are unable to access the menu bar, try to capture a stack trace of VDMX and email it in with a bug report (that you can capture while VDMX is running). This should help see what is happening in the moments that you are unable to access the menu and other GUI functions.

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(as a temporary solution you could also assign a global keycommands to your critical VDMX menu commands (including Report Bug) in the macOS Preferences)

(in case key commands still work of course)


Thank you for the directions @ProjectileObjects
#1 didn’t fix the problem.
I have sent a bug report with a link to the Stack Trace and Log files.

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@ProjectileObjects I have found a way to recreate the bug on my end.
My project har 3 layers. Layer 1 on top, 2 and 3.
Menus disappear instantly if I eject a layer using a remote source. e.g. touchOSC or a control surface button if the layer source window is free floating (or what you call it after you’ve pressed the two squares in the top right corner). I’ve updated my bug report with Stack Trace and Log files. Interesting if it happens with others as well.


I’ve now tested on both 14’’ m2pro and 16’’ m1max. Recreating the bug in a new project with the method described in my last post. Both on native and rosetta.

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bruh, the fact you found a way to recreate the bug is unreal. I will also see if i can find any. My menus disappeared on me twice today during a show. I now always use a roland switcher with 2 laptops bcoz of this bug.


@hrpating Thank you for figuring this out! This is certainly the bug. I confirm it also from my end: Whenever I eject a layer using my external MIDI controller, menu dropdown disappear. This is not only the main menu bar but also other dropdown menus, for example, I can not add a plugin because I do not see them when I hit the + button.

@ProjectileObjects any idea what might be causing this?

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@ali-d I’m not sure, but I’ve put it on the bug list for future updates.