WEBB reader

When I use Safari at the same time to connect music VDMX get locked (that little rainbow ball)
So what can I do and are a different webbreader more compatible?

Is your system low on memory or do you have Artnet enabled?

I personally use Brave web browser, and it is built off Chrome, but blocks ads by default.

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Tyipicli Apple bulshit, chanch u to PCs, so mutch cheaper and no aroganc on the store or support.

Ok i hafe to a lot of a bit similar things, but for 30% of my invest in the hard & soft on pc stuff.

Allways a god pleace for top hardware for top low prices ar HP.com

Thanks for u audienc

by a 12 Jahr Mac user hu chanch to PC at 2007
Greatings from Switzerland by bennoH.

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