VV Edu Fall 2018 Semester 1 Sign Up!



I would love to join the class!


Yes please! sign me up :muscle:


Sign me up please! Sounds extremely interesting!!


I would love to join this course and get better at teaching others!


sounds amazing!!! Sign me up, please!


Im interested in signing up, sounds great!


The first lesson is up! If you are in the group, you should be able to access this thread,
(each week a new thread will be posted which will be used for related discussion, posting homework assignments, etc)

And PS, all of the course material is itself totally free / open source for people to use in the classroom, or to teach yourself at home at your own pace: https://vidvox.github.io/vvedu/
(and as it is open source, contributions and feedback are welcome!)


I’m really interested in the course! How can I get in?


All you had to do was ask!


Johnny come lately checking in, interested in leveling up my knowledge.


Yes please! Need to learn more


great would love to participate
great idea


I want to participate this is my email adam.boudawara22@gmail.com


awesome! signing up! :wave:


Cool! Please, sign me up! Muchas gracias! :raised_hands: :clap:


I would be interested


Great, y’all are added – be sure to say hi in the introductions thread!


Yes please I’m interested


Yes please can I do the course?


I´m very interested! Sign me up, please!