VV Edu Fall 2018 Semester 1 Sign Up!



Hey everyone!

Over the last year we’ve been working along with various collaborators on a curriculum for VJing, live visuals and show production, that we’ll be releasing as a set of open coursework for teachers and educators to use as a starting point for their own classes.

Designed for beginners, these first introduction 15 lessons cover a variety of topics, including montage and color theory, the basics of using VDMX, and other areas of show production. Other modules on more advanced topics will be released at a later date as we complete the course guides.

Along with the launch of this material we’ll also be teaching a free online version of the class ourselves and we figured we’d get the sign up thread going a little bit early :slight_smile:

The online class will run from September 11, 2018 through December 18th (15 weeks), with new lessons posted online every Tuesday. Each lesson will include a lecture, demonstration and exercises to follow along with at home (about an hour each), plus homework assignments and online discussion related to the topics covered each week.

If you, or someone you know, would like to participate in this first online semester:

  • Sign up for the forums
  • Add a message to this thread, or send me a private message

And all of the course materials, including detailed lesson plans for teachers, will be posted online at the start of the class for people who would like to follow along at their own pace.


I am interested in the course.(will be picking up a second box to hackintosh for vdmx again)


I’m very interested in doing this!


This is a cool idea. Definitely wanna be in!


This is now 20 characters – yes! please! :)


I’m in ! :slight_smile:


Estoy interesado en el curso. Gracias.

I am interested in the course. Thanks.


This sounds absolutely fantastic, sign me up!


Cool! Sign me up please.


Sign me up please as well :heart:


Yes indeed. Yes indeed.


Woohoo! I’m all in. :heart_eyes:


I’m interested. Thank you.


Ok i am in … please add me : ) thanks


Me too, I would love to participate. Thanks.


I´m interested! Thanks


I’m interested also! Thank you very much! :smiley:


Great! Sign me up please.


Interested, thanks! :)


O yeaaaa sign me up please :slight_smile: