VV Edu Fall 2018 Semester 1 Sign Up!



Very interested, thanks! Look forward to this.


I would like to be signed up.


I would like to be part of it.


I´m very interested! Thanks


Perfect timing for me. Count me in!


Please add me, and thank you for putting this content together!


Interested! Looking forward :)


I’m totally in. I think this is a great gift and I’ll share it with interested people.


I’m very interested, it’s always good to learn more. Thank you


I’m interested too.
Thank you


hello! I would like to be included too Thanks


Wow nice one. Im def interested.


Right on. Sign me up, I’ll be sending this to some theatre students as well.


I’m interested in the online course!


Great! I’m interested. Thanks


I am interested in the course


I’m very interested. Thanks.


Very much up for following the semester and learning along too, brilliant idea that will be so valuable !


Dan, I think you could probably teach this course for us or be a guest speaker :smile:


Too kind ! Be happy to contribute of course
Equally I’m of the opinion I’ve probably forgotten as much as I’ve learnt so can always benefit from reading / listening again - bound to be a useful tip or three