Vuo x VDMX: Update to latest framework


Yep, the UK Govt stage 4 date of June 21st is looming fast and that first weekend is when my bookings start. Would be good to have Vuo working, but in my case I can find a work around as I’m mainly pixel bashing for the fist bunch of events and not too reliant on Vuo.






Feels like groundhog day :anguished: gonna have to start looking at alternate solutions with impending gigs… really sucks. (EDIT) will be some time still, heard back and it’s not ready… it is what it is so just need to be patient and hope



For now I’ve rolled back to V1.2.8 as all my nodes are covered in this version and can’t wait any longer. Cleared my cache and created a new VDMX composition. I’ve left my project running on soak test for 4-5 hrs with no real issues for a number of times now, occasionally if I send conflicting OSC data when creating my data set by mistake and then it will loose the OSC mappings for Vuo parmeters but usually its fine once set. Or I’ve not been able to replicate what causes the values to be lost.

I’m controlling values within Vuo clips and sending OSC values from Vezer app which generates the OSC data.

I switch clips quickly in the media bin between 3 layers and as a result I’ve noticed that there’s a slight latency the first time the clip is played. As a work arround I have a 1 second delay before the sound track is played where I load the clip but turn down the opacity for the layer, which works fine. For other clips selected from the media bin I select these in advance with the opacity turned down.

My set relys on optimal performance and very low latency as I’m outputting via Syphon to MadMapper to control an LED lighting rig via Art-Net controllers.

Has anyone else seen this before and found another way to resolve this please, its like there a delay while the Vuo clips are loaded?



Any news or chance we will get that update anytime soon? :pensive:



News! VDMX Beta now ready for testing!