Vuo x VDMX: Update to latest framework


Hi guys

I was wondering if I could get an update on a couple of Vuo issues.

  1. The one is the VDMX doesn’t remember MIDI mapping.
  2. The other is when sub-compositions will be supported?
  3. Lastly, there are some new super cool nodes since the very recent latest update of 2.2 that are not allowing me to import the comps I think.

Do you know when I could expect an update to the latest Vuo framework? The MIDI mapping issue and sub-comp support are the two that I’d love to know about!




Does anyone have an update on this? :blush:



Bump! I’ve messaged support and posted on the FB page, would love an update on this :pray:



I believe @davidlublin has been pretty busy with the launch of ColorLab AI so has probably not looked at this.

I’m surprised he’s not replied to support emails tho.



Thanks @admrobrts yeah I’m guessing that - would just love to know an update is on the cards, Vuo have said they are unaware of VDMX’s plans and I’d love to be reassured that upcoming support is indeed happening. Currently having to use an older version of Vuo with VDMX, with intermittent crashes, the midi mapping bug and not being able to use sub comps is slowing my workflow! I don’t mind waiting but just some sort of an update would be dope as it’s out of character to not get replies but this year’s also not been exactly the smoothest :sweat_smile: so I’m hoping it’s a storm of a few different things!

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I’m experiencing the same issue. Especially when the high load of GPU situation, it’s like a time bomb. I’m having a hard time to get it stable with VDMX. I thought Vuo could be the perfect alternative for QC before I bought it myself but most of time, it’s less stable and more expensive. Of course Vuo itself is a great tool though. Programming with Vuo is quite fun. But VDMX is my main thing. My life is in there. Hopefully there will be an update soon.



Yes the integration with VDMX is key so I’m really hoping we’ll hear something soon!

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Sigh :( have a stream tonight and a bunch of patches are exhibiting really strange behaviour when imported into VDMX - cropping strange and breaking all the other Vuo files as well. This is honestly really worrying - and I don’t understand why we’re not getting any response. So frustrated with the lack of communication, this is quite awful.



Hi @Joelle I have the same problem as you with the MIDI Mapping.
It is crazy !!
The only solution I found was to choose the option “RUN VUO IN SEPARATE FILES” on Preferences MENU/VUO.
This way it keeps the MIDI mappings, but it is slower, specially starting/loading the files. Which is not very cool on a live performance where you want to change visuals fast.



It’s so frustrating :frowning: Thanks for the tip to run separately in preferences but agree is not ideal solution. Have you tried emailing support? I didn’t get any response yet.



Adding here for anyone interested that David has replied :smile: - they’ve been busy updating the codebase for Metal etc. My questions are in bold below with his responses as quotes.

Lastly, there are some new super cool nodes since the very recent latest update of 2.2 that are not allowing me to import the comps.

We’re putting together an intermediate update with some general minor fixes in early February, but I’ll talk to Ray about getting out a build with the new Vuo framework sooner than that since that is likely a lot easier to put together, and I think we need to update the NDI framework as well.

The one where VDMX doesn’t remember MIDI mapping

This definitely looked reproducible from the videos from the user, and it definitely looks like it is on our end of things! When I initially tested for it I wasn’t able to reproduce it on our end, but I’ll give it another try today and see if I have any better luck recreating it this time.

The other is when sub-compositions will be supported?

We can look into it for the update in February, but we honestly haven’t started to look into it yet. Is there something special we need to do on our end for this?

I’ve added this to the Vuo forum too, will follow up the sub-comps question with them.



It’s a relief to know that they’re working on it! Thanks for the info.



I have the same problem remembering OSC mappings. Its fine when its playing a single clip, when I have a OSC mapping or slider to change the clip no in the media bin for the layer, the OSC mapping for the Vuo published parameter is lost. Using Vuo and VDMX 5 b0.



Desperately waiting for this to be fixed in the new hopefully impending update.

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Hey Guys,

Has anyone found an issue with the way thumbnails are generated with the latest version of VDMX and Vuo?

I’ve tried a few ways to change this and so far not found an easy way to change my thumb in VDMX. My comps in Vuo usually start with a template image where the opacity is turned down.

Even if I save the file with the value = 0 for the image layer, it still uses this image as the thumbnail in VDMX. I also tried changing the order of the layers so my real comp images/layers are first in the list. I have left to try another image of the thumb as layer 1 and change the opacity after loading in VDMX to 0. But wasn’t sure if there are any other handy tips please?




A month later almost and still nothing… my Vuo comps just randomly break in VDMX, this is so frustrating… am doing a stream this weekend and another one in a few weeks and this is making it impossible to rely on Vuo comps. Emailed David last week and no reply??? Concerning



Never mind the MIDI mapping issue - the Vuo files themselves bug out randomly and break the entire VDMX file, basically have to restart computer to flush something and then sometimes works or reimport the comps but it’s totally random, did a stream not so long ago and the comps ran fine - now they are all broken.



Hi Joelle,

I feel your pain, the behaviour now is really random, yesterday I worked fine and today I have odd results when certain elements just do not work anymore. No reply to my email either.

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I can neither confirm nor deny, but there was/is an update in testing which addresses Vuo (and much more). Apparently, Apple made a lot of “quiet” changes in Big Sur which forced the update to go through another round of code changes to make it compatible for new and old OS’, and both Intel and M1 Macs.

I’d rather “wait” for a stable version of VDMX, than risk a crash during a live performance. (IMHO)



David said they were hoping to release an update to beta testers end of last week / early this week (no promises though) Am hoping we will get it in the next few days. Am in a pretty ropey position myself with upcoming performances and pretty nervous if things don’t land soon.