VDMX opens with blackscreen and I cannot do anything as there is a notification about the new update I have to acknowledge but I cant due to the black screen (tried to toggle fullscreen but that does not work either)

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I am quite inexperienced with VDMX so i hope there is a simple solution I am not aware of :stuck_out_tongue:

Hm, it sounds like VDMX is going fullscreen on launch, but you should still be able to toggle out of it normally!

The one similar report to this that I had recently was a pretty odd case where the person had downloaded an example project file from our website, and it somehow got stored in a weird tmp cached directory on their computer, and VDMX was getting stuck trying to load it on launch.
(I think they had a think called ‘Zipeg’ installed that might have been related?)
(If you could launch the Console application (found in /Applications/Utilities/) and switch to the system.log view (on the left side), and set the filter for VDMX, launch the app – then copy / paste that into an email for me I could confirm if that was the case for you as well.)

Beyond that, my initial suggestions are to try…

  • You can try deleting the VDMX preferences file (use the ‘Go to Folder’ and enter ‘~/Library/Preferences’), but make sure to reboot after doing so as the macOS will sometimes cache prefs files in memory, and it doesn’t always refresh if you manually toss a file.
  • Deleting the app and downloading + running the latest installer!

hey thanks for the quick response! managed to fix it by disabling my wifi so i did not get the notification, then i could exit fullscreen mode