VDMX crashing when using multiple layers

I have got a huge problem that the program VDMX constantly closing down.
Thinking it might be the amount of assets I have going in layers?

Regards Annika

Probably best to provide a lot more specific information. OS, version, # of layers etc. Aye.

I second this ^

Also, for others in the future, it’s worth looking to make sure you are running a compatible version for your OS

And there’s a really important section in the VDMX manual about video codecs, that’s not common knowledge unless you’ve spent some time with live performance softwares.

Lastly, I would say VDMX doesn’t have a minimum spec system (assuming your machine is newer than 2015), but VDMX will use everything your machine has, and newer Apple Silicone Macs (M1,M2,M3) are less forgiving when you use more memory than your system has. Especially if you are using efficiency based hardware such as the basic M1 chip used in Mac Mini’s and MacBook Air’s – these are not designed for high performance and can easily hit their limit.

I would say 8GB of memory is “not enough,” but you can run VDMX on a system with 8GB. When you use too much memory, it forces SWAP which starts putting more of a load on your internal SSD, and the combined drain of your systems resources can be enough to crash the app (before it crashes your system).

I have an MacBook Pro M1 , 2020 with 8 GB

The first template workspace that pops up when I open VDMX. Layer FX, load assets there I use to have about six assets going, an outgoing video and audio input on the video on top of it…

What does your activity monitor say when you run VDMX. Specifically in the memory tab. Can you take a screenshot of it and post it here?