VDMX compatible with macOS Monterey


With today’s announcement of the new Macbooks, I’m hesitant to ask this, but does VDMX work with macOS Monterey? I’ve been waiting for these Macbooks for so long but but am less excited than I would be at the moment due to the problems I’ve been having on High Sierra :/



I just ordered one. It will be here next Tuesday. I fully expect the current version of VDMX to work under Rosetta 2 until there’s an Apple Silicone native version of VDMX in the near future.

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Thanks for confirming this, I’m ordering one tomorrow.

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found some UI bugs on Monterey with M1 Max chips



@cxm I sent you a private message can you check it?



Hello… I have the 64gig Macbook Pro with M1 Max chip and I cannot get VDMX5 to open. It crashes before it can open.

Have you found a workaround for this by chance? I am in a bit of a jam as I am supposed to start a new project today.

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What version of VDMX are you running?



I also can’t run vdmx5 on macOS Monterey on my Macbook Pro M1 Max. My old vdmx5 crashed, and I even tried redownloading the latest version today (4/16/22), and it also crashed without opening. I’ve attached the mac crash report, if that helps.

vdmx_crash_report.zip (77.1 KB)



Try deleting the application and reinstalling. The latest version is b8.8.0.0.

I’m guessing you migrated your older version onto your newer machine?

The newer one you installed could have crashed loading older presets.

You can also try launching under Rosetta 2 and see if that works, but a delete & reinstall usually fixes a lot of issues. (Just make sure to delete and empty your trash first, then install).



Yup, had an old old version that migrated to the newer machine. Thought just re-downloading would do the trick, but you were right, i needed to delete the old version first, and then reinstalling worked! Thanks for the help!

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