Using Kinect (and other depth techniques)

So spinning off from this thread,

Let’s talk about…

  • What techniques are people using with Kinect and other depth sense cameras?
  • What cool stuff have you seen / made using depth sense cameras?
  • What new stuff is on the horizon here?

Here are a few starter notes:

  1. This tool can be used to get skeleton data from Kinect,
    (lots more data than Gestrument Kinect, which is great if you want all that data)
    (I think the CoM – Center of Mass – coordinate is what you’d want to use as the x/y position similar to Gestrument Kinect’s output)
  2. You can use the v002 Kinect plugin in Quartz Composer – this can be used along with the v002 Rutt Etra QC objects to visualize Kinect streams,
    (you can run these comps in QC and Syphon out, or you can make comps to use directly in VDMX)
  3. Vuo has objects for working with Kinect, perhaps some other users can give their experiences with that,

Interested in this topic as well.

I’m toying with an esoteric config to get motion, skeleton, and other data from any camera using EyesWeb (windows only) and sending OSC data to VDMX. Will make a vid when I get it working.

EyesWeb does some great gesture and motion processing that I haven’t seen replicated without special hardware or Kinect. Project’s been around for a while.

Video example:

hey fellas I’m in the same boat, just posted a new topic cuz what the heck. the kinect feedback stuff is so cool, why has it not advanced in the last 5 years!!? Whatever happened to the Kinect?