Throttle and Ratched Plugins CutMod - how to find or how to do the same?

hi guys, do yo know what’s happend with this Throttle and Ratched Plugins from 2015? It looks reallly cool for show, but i can not find where to download it or how to make the same effect in vdmx. Any ideas? What method you use to playback your videos during show? Thanks for any info.

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This is all i found

There will be a few frameworks which you could use to make a ratchet or incremental data source plugin. In Vuo you could use the Count within Range node to increment the count and have a VDMX UI element to set the max steps and then normalised to 0-1 to use as a VDMX data source. The attached gif shows live audio being sampled, translated to beats and sent to the increment node. You would then publish the result (the normalised increment) to an output port for VDMX. One idea I guess.

Edit: if I lower the maximum value to 100 I get a much more granular output which would be better for moving through a video clip (less choppy). So a UI slider with a range of say 100 to 1000 would work (smooth to choppy). Can’t test in VDMX at the moment as it appears to be broken for Vuo in Big Sur.

Here’s a quick test sending the ratchet data over OSC from the Vuo composition, it needs a bit of tweaking but the basic concept works:

Ha, last edit for tonight: the data source plays nice with Number FX chain: Smooth & Wrap + Fall, will post something on my insta tomorrow.

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yes, i found the same but there is not possible to download…last link ask me to pay for membership

or, that’s cool. i am not good on Vuo, but looks logic! Number FX Chain i gonna try! thanks

I wouldn’t chase old QC plugins, Apple stopped supporting Quartz years ago and old QC plugins can make VDMX unstable. Vuo is being developed as a cross platform QC replacement and its easy to learn, the community edition is free. But as I said there will be other options to create the data source particularly if you send the data over OSC / MIDI then you avoid working with I/O ports in VDMX.

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Here’s an updated Ratchet to OSC data source (ignore the first version). It outputs to OSC but could be updated to include the VDMX I/O ports. Note: there are issues running the latest version of Vuo compositions in VDMX, for the current VDMX version b0. use Vuo 2.1.2. Feel free to use and improve the Ratchet composition, I hacked it together.

Edit: One thing to note when you run the Vuo composition there’s a delay before the data starts flowing. Once it’s running it picks up quickly between low and threshold amplitude levels. (3.2 KB)


or, that’s genious! Thanks a lot, gonna try it this weekend on Festival in Bali! Thanks for help!

Ok cool, keep safe… here’s an app version which might help. Play some audio (the app is set to monitor the default input). Enter the desired OSC address, the default is /ratchet. Use Detect OSC Data Source in VDMX for your slider and it should pickup the OSC message. Use the slider in the app to adjust the sensitivity of the ratchet (left smooth, right choppy).


Ratchet to OSC (1.8 MB)