Shaders I want to write


So I’m still stuck in my research
I customized my shaders as much as I wish but I still get this bloom effect that I wish to replace by a simple smooth line ^^
My nerves and my brain will really appreciate any help

Zolt (1.8 KB)


Hey CtrlZ,

Two notes…

  1. ISF is based on GLSL, which is just one part of OpenGL; here are two links for pages that have listings of some of the common functions and variables that are built into GLSL:

  1. Here is a quick shader I made that just draws a basic line from one point to another point,


Ok, I think we’ll be making this one a standard FX in the future, but here is the soft flip with a variable angle,
(I took out the bits for doing the color adjustment to the flipped image, and added in options for switching the flip h & v instead… lots of fun possibilities in this one though)


Thank You David
Now I have stuff to read for at least one week ! ahah :slight_smile:

the two dot point line gave me a new Idea !!


Btw this a solution I made which as some horizontal problem for some value ?!
And the color selection is for the background not the line … (1.9 KB)


Can we hi-jack your thread with ideas for possible shaders?

I think there’s room in the world for a shader that would auto-generate a small overlay above any video, featuring the distilled palette of whatever video was being shown.

You’re from New York (more or less… ) so this could be one option…

Other palette ‘generators’ :

I love the idea of being able to easily add such overlays, or scale / composite them…
And my lo-fi attempts to recreate just through using heavy pixelisation haven’t been that successful…

What kind of color distilling science / magic is needed?


Maybe a bit trickier in shader land than with paper and scissors -
but have a scroll through and check out some of this guy’s endless invention and creativity…
Maybe someone’ll get some shader inspiration from how he milks such limited parameters in new ways…


This thread is totally meant for people to share ideas for shaders they’d like to see exist; also hoping it provides some inspiration for other people to write some of their own!


Someone asked about triangle based FX on the FB group, here is the first thing I put together on that front…


I’ve yet to create a general purpose shader for this, but my friend Fish2000 brought up this LiveLeak blurry fill background style, and I made a tutorial on how to set this up in VDMX using multiple layers…

Doing this as an FX is a bit tricky because within ISF, filters can’t change the size of an image… but I’ve got some thoughts on how to make something cool and useful from this idea.


It needs a little more tweaking, but after that Triangle Wrap FX, I started working on a more general purpose shape wrapping filter, which lead to this version where you can morph between some basic shapes…


Along the lines of the shape wrapping / repeating styles, I’ve started on this new feedback effect,