Shaders I want to write


Okay, so I have a lot of ideas for shaders that I’d like to write at some point, when I have the free time… maybe other people have some too… and maybe others totally want to write some shaders, but don’t have any ideas to get started with because so many of the basics are already covered…

This is a thread for sharing those ideas.


Earlier today I was like…
Me in 2003: Wow, macrovision protection is so lame.
Me in 2018: How would I make a shader that simulates the aesthetic of macrovision protection?


on this general topic of where inspiration comes from, I recently created this ‘Noise Pixellate’ ISF,

after seeing this movie poster in the subway :eyeglasses:


I want to create shaders of everything this guy does:


my take on this style, the ‘Boxinator’ :


Ahhh mojo, can we include that Boxinator with the VDMX install? So good.


yes most certainly.



Ahhh okay, can we get a group together to make a set of shaders based on Sol Lewitt wall drawings?


I’m not sure what this would look like but something to do with this…


The screen glitch that happens when this guy turns on the NVIDIA web drivers in the 3rd panel here… as a shader…


I started on a PONG ISF but never got around to finishing it…

Basically used a 3x1 render pass to hold the ‘game state’

  • p1: y pos, y vel, score, (unused)
  • p2: y pos, y vel, score, (unused)
  • ball: x pos, y pos, x vel, y vel

A good starting point for this would be to make a bouncing ball that reflected off walls – this could also be the starting point for an interesting FX or generator that used an input stream to create the ‘walls’ that the ball reflects off of.


Ahhh, like the Collage FX, but only some sections are randomized… maybe with a threshold on that…

(via ny times)


not this ^^ effect, but interesting :


Ahhh, a rotate with different amounts for different slices???

I gotta get on this idea…
(not sure about the eyeball in the middle, heh)



Ok, here is my first pass at a 3-section rotation FX…


I really want a shader that makes the kind of background from this image.

And along with that, a similar shader that has those same lines, but going horizontally / vertically instead of radially.


I think there was a few circular experiments like that in here:


PS - Señor David - I like this thread - and I like your fade + flip here…
How difficult would it be to make the angle of the dividing line adjustible?


The way I did the math in the fade + flip, it is kind of a pain to make the line adjustable by angle; but that was just a sketch of the idea and I plan to rewrite it to be more flexible when I get a chance…


Can someone help me I’m stuck since 2 days on a “simple” thing :tired_face:
I’m looking to create a white line square / rectangle using Matrix.

In fact I’d just like to know how to draw a line using Matrix

I was looking for reference sheet for ISF is this the good one version ? :

Thank You

Zolt’ (1.2 KB)