LUTs not working in VDMX

What’s the state of play with LUT based control of colour in VDMX - I noticed they stopped working a few versions ago? Did something become incompatible a while ago?

Known bug with NVIDIA GPUs dating back to 10.13 – we reported it to Apple as the issue is in the drivers.

See this note,

If that doesn’t seem to be the case for you, please send us a bug report!

Ahh - thanks for the note David -
that’d be precisely my spec - high sierra + the Nvidia 750M

Does the bug persist for that GPU, in Mojave / Catalina?


The bug persists in Mojave and Catalina. We were explicitly told from Apple dev support that they were not going to fix the underlying OpenGL GPU driver problem. This is something on our radar to try to fix when we transition to Metal.

LUTs not working on 1080 card / MacPro / High Sierra either. 750M / MPB / El Capitan is still good to go.

Yeah ultimately we determined that it is an issue with all NVIDIA OpenGL drivers in 10.13 or later.

thanks for clarifying

I’m in the same situation. For a new project, to be able to put an LUT would be the best solution to do my colorimetry.

Before I buy a lot of electronic equipment or change my computer (through the window :grimacing:), did any of you finally find a solution to solve the problem (e.g. with Catalina,…)?

My spec are (MBP 2014 / Mojave 10.14.6 / NVIDIA GeForce GT 750M)

Thank you

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For those who are interested, here are the alternative solutions I have found:

  1. As I use a GH-5, there is the possibility to directly integrate an LUT in the device. It’s a bit tedious but it works. Unfortunately, the GH-5 has more delay than my BMPC (version 1); that’s why I looked for a second solution.

  2. The SDI to HDMI 6G module from BMD allows to integrate 1-2 LUTs. Has anyone tested this? What does it give in terms of delay?