Livid OHM RGB MIDI Controller Fandom and Repair Thread


Hi all,

After a recent twitter exchange (@dantombs Original Tweet ) with a few people this came up in discussion would be useful for people to share information on this much loved and missed MIDI controller

Livid Product Page

I have been using one since 2013 and its been the main stay in all my projects and set ups

I have since bought a ‘slim’ model as a back up and keep an eye on eBay to see if any pop up, but they seem scarce

Sadly a few faders have started to break on my main model and I did some research with a friend of mine to source replacement faders

These are the ones that we found that work great, Faders on eBay my buddy has been great at soldering them in place. In case the eBay link goes down, this is the full spec here:

Potentiometer slide 100k? 200mW THT ±20% linear Mat metal
Manufacturer ALPS
Potentiometer type slide
Resistance 100k?
Power 200mW
Mounting THT
Tolerance ±20%
Characteristics linear
Body material metal
Body dimensions 75 x 9 x 7mm
Potentiometer features stereo
Shaft dimensions 4 x 1.2 x 15mm
Max. operating voltage 150V AC 10V DC
Track length 60mm
Additional information
Gross weight 7.7 g

They seem a bit faster than the factory ones, so maybe thats attractive for some too. I have also added small amounts of hot glue to the solder points of the new faders, they seem a little prone to straining away from the PCB so thought the hot glue would be a good insurance policy to cope with any excessive fader wang-ing

Be great to share any tips or tricks with this controller

One thing I am planning to investigate is that have discovered by taking the slim model apart, it does actually have the MIDI ports on the board, but obscured by the metal case, I need to test if these are actually functional, but if they are I may well drill the case out so these could be usable if ever necessary




This is very interesting. Im also a long time Ohm user and couldnt imagine using another controller.
Im very curious if those midi ports work.

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Hey friend !

Hopefully get chance to test those ports this week, will report back when I have found out

I was always disappointed that the MIDI in, would not pass MIDI signals over USB to the computer
I was told by Livid support this was possible, but could never activate it in the firmware editor.
This in some cases would eliminate the need for me to have an audio interface as sometimes only have this to receive MIDI data



Ha, I do the same thing. I guess we must always be bidding against each other. :) Definitely the best controllers I’ve ever owned. Only had to replace the cross fader thus far, thanks for the other specs.

Also (not the same as the OHM, but the Electrix Tweaker used the LIVID brain inside and also has road-worthy build quality, but the OHM’s surpass everything else I’ve played with).

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I’ll message you next time one is on eBay, maybe we can bulk buy if we form a consortium :)

Thanks for tip about the Tweaker, I’ll look into them, I also have the brain and some eurorack modules, I plan to integrate into my LZX system, but time always escapes me ! maybe I will make a bootleg ohm from them !

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Haven’t used mine in some time now - have a love/hate relationship with this controller since I find it pretty annoying use their website editor. Do you make use of presets or are you just having one fixed mapping? Also owning the code v2 - they f**** up the firmware pretty much for my usecases (remapping CCs is a nightmare or with the other firmware not possible which has other features I would want to use … so many hours wasted).



You can use the desktop OHM RGB editor but it requires an older version of Java.

But they still offer the offline version here:



Tried this but it was broken.



Thank you for starting this thread Dan! :slightly_smiling_face:
I’ve had my trusty Livid OHM RGB Slim for a while now and its one of my most trusted MIDI controllers. It’s top leftmost dial broke in transit one day so those parts could be a useful starting point for repair someday. Unfortunately my old Mac machine died last year so I have been working entirely with Max MSP for visuals at the moment, but I am finding the OHM integration pretty outdated and difficult to understand (Particularly LED feedback etc). Are Livid Industries still responsive to emails?

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They respond to emails but it took months in my case. It won’t get any better with this controller. Though I have to say they were pretty helpful with my code v2 controller but as you said it’s all pretty outdated sadly.



Hey, thanks for starting the thread. I have a Livid CNTRL:R which I loved using but had issues with the faders behaving badly with the MIDI signal bouncing all over the place. Livid said they would replace the main board but I had to send the controller to the US from the UK for the fix… ended up getting a Midi Fighter Twister which is also great.

But I would like to get my CNTRL:R working again so will have a look at the recommended faders. Any ideas on why my faders (first fader, left hand side) is behaving badly. I’m thinking hardware issue.