ISF "ShapeMaker" Tutorial Series



Download the source files for this series


My name is Colin Sebestyen, and I’ve worked with Vidvox to author a beginner friendly, human understandable introduction to the powerful ISF format. Every Wednesday, I’ll be adding to this post a new video in a 18-part series that shows you how to make simple shapes and move them around with code in a method that would feel very familiar to someone using Processing or other simple creative coding environments. No prior code knowledge is necessary, we will go slowly and methodically! I had a lot of fun hooking my “ShapeMaker” ISF generator to my MIDI piano, but I’m eager to see what you all will make.

Here’s the outline notes for week 01-

  • Introduction
  • What is VDMX, Who is VIDVOX, Who is Colin@movecraft, What is ISF, What will be covered in the series
  • Creating an ISF with VDMX as the host environment
  • SF/GLSL Topics: the main() function, Comments, gl_FragColor, data types, vec4() color assignment, JSON dict




Wow great. looking forward to it.


Thanks! Show us what you make with ISF! This week is a simple color generator, but we start making circles next week.


Thank you for this first video
It’s really cool because you start from scratch and taking time to explain everything.