ISF parameters linked to Midi?

I am just starting to learn about ISF… is it possible to trigger colors and geometric shapes with midi from Ableton? Is there source code anywhere?

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Hey Supa!

This is a great question!

The short answer to both is a resounding YES.

And there are a bunch of starting points that you can jump on at, a few of which I’ll list out here to get the ball rolling.

First off, in general, you can send MIDI from Live to trigger pretty much anything in VDMX. If you are interested in the basics of that, there are a lot of tutorials out there but this was a recent thread that got into some techniques that you may want to start with. This approached it from the idea of Live being on another computer, however the same concepts generally apply when the apps are running on the same machine…

Not specific to using Live, but on the general topic of using MIDI to trigger shapes and colors, this tutorial series is a great place to get started…

Here is an introduction tutorial that goes into animating shader controls from within VDMX – noting of course that any of these parameters can be controlled from Live via MIDI…