FINALLY - official Apple fix to disable "orange dot" on external screens

AT LAST! Great news, with macOS 14.4 and above, Apple now provides an official way to disable the orange dot on external screens (projectors, etc), without disabling SIPS or other hacks:

Copy pasting the instructions here for posterity:

Turn off privacy indicators for external displays on your Mac

Requires macOS Sonoma 14.4 or later

To hide privacy indicators – the orange and green dots that appear next to Control Centre in the menu bar to show that your microphone or camera is in use – on an external display while viewing an app in full screen, first execute a system override command in Terminal. Then turn off privacy indicators for external displays in System Settings.

  1. Start up from macOS Recovery:
  2. Use macOS Recovery on a Mac with Apple silicon
  3. Use macOS Recovery on an Intel-based Mac
  4. From the Utilities menu in the menu bar, choose Terminal.
  5. Enter this command: system-override suppress-sw-camera-indication-on-external-displays=on
  6. Quit Terminal.
  7. From the Apple menu, choose Restart.
  8. After your Mac has restarted, choose Apple menu ο£Ώ > System Settings, then click Privacy & Security in the sidebar.
  9. Click Microphone (or Camera).
  10. Turn off Privacy Indicators for Microphone (or Camera) Access.

Incredible news! Thank you GMM!

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This is great news there is an official fix ! thank for sharing this :) I’m still on macOS12.7 but when I have to make the leap forward this will be good to know there is one less thing to worry about

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Brilliant, a reason to upgrade to macOS Sonoma!

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