Common FXs for VJ variations?


I have a live gig coming up in two days where I will be VJing along side a DJ. Due to some time constraints, and my urge to try something new, I wanted to know what FXs you guys like to use most or are common so that I can make the most of my very limited VJ video file library.

Basically, say I only have 8 VJ video files, which FXs will be recommended so I can make it look like I have 64 video files? Or, using the less FXs (say less than 5 per layer), create pretty crazy VJ experiences with one or two visual bgs.

Note: I have CI and QC effects all disabled.


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Just press record and save new content to a new media-bin and reuse. You probably want to add some nice feedback-fx by rerouting the main output back to a new layer too and keep pressing record to create new media as you go.

Get to know which Geometry Adjustments work for you in conjunction with data sources (clock, LFO, step sequencer, audio analaysis delta and frequencies and MIDI) + as vjslof suggested > record and reuse.

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Make use of the “Add clips from Build in Sources” like the Text Plugin and select a typeface with lots of symbols. The typeface Apple Symbols, Zapf Dingbats, Windings and Webdings have lots of icons.

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Yes, you mean content, i.e. video loops, or did you mean generators and effects, which is more related to FX. So regarding effects and generators you only have to use the ISF fragment shader function from VDMX5 and you have already received 300 standard FX with VDMX. You can download more for free from the ISF website or load them directly into VDMX (using the URL of the ISF shader). There are great effects like generators. If this isn’t enough, you can also load shader toys, but they don’t have inputs. Setting options. Anyway, go to and enter something in the search field that you associate with what you would have to have for the performance, such as mountains if the event took place in the mountains as an example. You will definitely find what you are looking for and you can then use them as video loops and apply additional effects to them. If necessary, you can also inspire the shader toys with the free “ISF Desktop Editor” from Vidvox and output them as ISF code in order to then load them into VDMX5. I use Resolume Arena and only know a little about VDMX, but I think VDMX can even import Shadertoys directly. That should be enough or you are looking for free video loops on the internet. You can find some of these on the VIDVOX blog from time to time or here are a few links:

  • by Beeple ( MIKE WINKELMANN ) highly recommended !! dxv 1080p!
  • 50 GLITCH PATTERNS VJ LOOPS PACK (1080p HAP codec) by CougesinPeaple

( recommended )

  • by Switzon S. Wigfall, lll (aka SSWIII) “a matter of taste!?”

  • by Sean Bowes (recommended)

Actually you should register yourself in the club of Sean Bowes and then you will receive the link! (so in fairnes i cut him out, SRY).

It’s also worth it because he really deals with Resolume and offers very good tutorials and much more.

  • by divers Artists

distributed through the blog (you have to read the articles and follow the links or visit and search the artist websites)

Some great legal sources for free loops (always check if licensing is creative commons or full license, you can pay subscription for even better options but only recommended for bigger projects. In case of artist sites, do donate or support their paid packs) :

& to make U own loops easy

Free Resources to learn fast making your own loops or live visuals

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