Cheapest reliable wireless cam to MBP at gig, workflow, in 2022?

Am investigating cheap options for a local music band, who want some way of sending a wireless camera feed from stage to be mixed in with some of their visuals.

Aside from Pro options like Teradek etc

What are some cheaper solutions in 2022, that’ll work reliably enough in small venues?
Bonus points for smoothest / easiest integration into VDMX…

PS - Hello @2bitpunk - Re: What’s your workflow for using the app Shoot with an iphone?
(presuming you’re getting it into VDMX somehow?)

Depends on the quality you are going for:

Wireless security cameras are pretty cheap. If you use something with RTSP you can get the feed pretty easily.

I’ve also used USB web cameras with USB to RJ45 extenders with great sucess. Smooth for 100’+ runs without wifi interferance.


The low cost way is to use an iPhone and NDI. Checkout Shoot webcam it has loads of features.

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Love this Machine Girl idea, look up USB Endoscope on Amazon for an alternative wired set up. I have a couple of these, low res but fun.


Thanks @ProjectileObjects -
Have a couple of Wireless security cameras Questions :sweat_smile:

  1. What’s your workflow for security cam + RTSP?
    View the display in something like -
    And then use the window-capture function in VDMX?
    (Related Q - is there anything gained by finding an app with syphon out, instead of window capture?)

  2. Have you used this method in venues with 50-100 people - and if so - was there any signal interference or dropout issues?

Is there any plans for VDMX to direct capture/view RTMP or RTSP streams, from IP cams / gopros etc as inputs?

The band’s drummer wanted to me to use his gopro’s wireless streaming (via RTMP) …
( gopro >> received on phone >> connected to laptop )
And it got me looking for RTMP viewing desktop apps (eg glancecam)…

Thanks @2bitpunk - iphone + NDI looks like it could be the winning option for them…
Have you found that reliable for signal, if used in small venues with lots of people?

Also - :sweat_smile: - I’ve been meaning to get a USB Endoscope to have a play with, they do look fun!

iPhone + NDI works well but you really would want a private network to make sure you have access to the full bandwidth. An old broadband router or cheap wireless access point would do.

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You can load RTSP streams directly into VDMX. (steps from the old forum)

All you have to do is this-

  1. Open up the rtsp url in Quicktime Player

  2. Save the movie as a self-contained movie (the file will be only a few kb, it is basically just the url embedded in the movie)

  3. Load the movie into a media bin in VDMX and trigger like any other file.

Syphon offers better performance than Window capture (imo), but Syphon is limited to applications that support it. Window capture is not limited.

For your second question, I’m not sure what you mean.

If a camera uses Wi-Fi (2.4 or 5.8 GHz) then there’s a possibility for interference based on other Wi-Fi devices, the bandwidth of the router, etc. 50-100 wouldn’t matter they are all on their cell phones using the same network that you are.

It’s more common to have issues with Wi-Fi if you are in larger / crowded cities with tons of Wi-Fi routers auto switching channels and competing.

The Machine Girl cameras use RF, which is more susceptible to various forms of interference, but that is a style / aesthetic choice that I like for that project. I wouldn’t use those cameras for a corporate gig.

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Do you use SHOOT app with Airplay or via lightning/usb?
SHOOT doesn’t use NDI, correct?

And does it require AirServer to work with Airplay or that just makes it possible on non-Airplay native hardware?

I believe SHOOT has just been updated to support NDI and yes you need AirServer for Airplay.