Connecting a Camera for Video Source in M1 Mac

So I recently upgraded to an M1Max 16 inch and wanted to see how I could connect a camera to feed into VDMX. Unfortunately the capture device that I use to use on my older Mac doesn’t work on the newer M1 Mac. My camera is pretty old school now as it only outputs through composite. Would I just need to upgrade to a camera that outputs to HDMI? If so I’m assuming I’d would need to connect that into something else then into the computer maybe? Any help would be greatly appreciated (prayer hands)

hi dripcuts - you can get analog / composite capture devices - eg the blackmagic intensity shuttle - which will let you capture your old camera… There’s also a range of cheaper devices out there, which you could try…

So unfortunately Blackmagic intensity shuttle isn’t compatible with m1 Macs, the program opens but no source comes through and same with my El Gato capture device, it just opens but no source. Trying to figure out what others have been using with the M1’s

If you are experimenting and have an iPhone I would recommend the app Shoot. It’s designed for streaming and acts just like a regular webcam. Made by my old studio buddy who saw a few of the apps I was using and made a better one. Its solid and just works and for $4.99 its a good way to test live inputs. BTW you can have multiple iPhones running Shoot at the same time.

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Inexpensive EZCap USB capture devices work great.

I just want to make sure that the EZcap USB capture device really does work on the 16’ M1Macs 64g version. Don’t really see much on this and want to make sure it works before I buy one.

The one I have works. It shows up as a USB 2.0 web cam. Grab one on Amazon and make sure it works for you.

Another quick question, what program do you use for the camera feed to show up on the computer?

Your computer should recognize it automatically. You can check your USB information under your Mac’s system information. (Click on the Apple in the top left > hold option, and the about will change to system information). In this screenshot you can see that I have two USB2.0 “cameras” connected to this mac. These are actually wireless analog receivers.

From there, you can use VDMX, OBS, Quicktime Player, Zoom, etc. Anything that can open the connected Webcameras on your system.

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