YouTube Video Converter!

Hello everyone. Hopefully, you are well and good. This is my first post here, and I have a need. I’m not sure if this is the right place to post this. Guys, I’m looking for the best YouTube video converter for my personal requirements. Although I found some suggestions (here), I don’t know if these are the best or not. Have you any other suggestions in this regard? If so, please send it to me as soon as possible.

Anything you download will need to be exported again to make sure that it is in a performance codec (Such as HAP), or that your H.264 files have a key frame for every frame. You can search the forums for more details on that.

As for YT downloaders (so you can legally download your own content):

  • I like 4KVideoDownloader for batch downloads.
  • ClipGrab is free and works great.
  • For those hard to get videos “Video DownloadHelper” chrome extension is great.

I’ve tried others over the years, but these ones kept getting the updates, a lot of other ones died in the water. Goodluck! Also, youtube is converting a lot of new Youtube videos to AV1 in the backend, which is not compatabile with newer macs, so you might run into errors with the AV01 codec with almost any downloader.

Great tip about AV01! And 100% that’s my youtube download go-to list as well!

You should also install ffmpeg command line tools as this can make converting between formats and batch formatting folders a breeze. If you are a bit unsure of your command line skills don’t worry, someone out there has already tried it before. As you find valuable ffmpeg commands save them in a text file so you can copy and past them into terminal later. IIR there are also some good command line youtube-dl 'ers you can try using $brew search youtube-dl
If you don’t have brew installed maybe give that a whirl too, then you can install ffmpeg with
$brew install ffmpeg

This is what brew search youtube returned.
To install formulae. Just use $brew install
For cask add the – cask flag eg. to install youtube-downloader
$brew install --cask youtube-downloader

==> Formulae
mps-youtube youtube-dlc youtubeuploader
youtube-dl youtubedr

==> Casks
4k-youtube-to-mp3 youku
clicker-for-youtube youtube-downloader
macx-youtube-downloader youtube-to-mp3
mediahuman-youtube-downloader ytmdesktop-youtube-music