Workspace presets & restore layers

Hello! I bought VDMX a while back and have been enjoying it in bits at a time. I haven’t found an answer to the following question in my reading of the docs.

The basic issue is that I can’t get the workspace preset “Restore” / “Don’t restore” settings to hold (see image below). I change to “Restore Contents + Windows” and then hit “Update” on the preset button to save that preference, and it jumps back to the previous setting.

Here’s a short video that demonstrates the issue.

Thanks for making VDMX! I’m having fun learning different ways to use it.

I have noticed that if you save the workspace preset while you are viewing the restore window, it wipes out all the restore settings.
I thought this made sense since any time you save a preset you are presumably adding new items that you would want to restore.
But then I realized if you are in the layers pane while you save the preset, it retains the restore settings.
So don’t view the restore window while you save the preset, and it should retain your restore settings.

Hi, I have the same issue here with some mapping almost done (lots of separate layers, masks, etc), and even the workaround doesn’t work.