Wokspace Preset Locks on trigger


Seeing if anyone else has this issue with VTDecoderXPCService taking really high CPU? I’m getting a really long freeze between triggering workspace presets and I’m making the connection to this high cpu task.

2017 Macbook Pro
Mac OS 10.12.5
Chipset Model: Radeon Pro 560

VDMX licensed version
Version b0.

More info:

  1. Tried ‘killall’ on VTDecoderXPCService task
  2. Running x 3 layers with Photo JPEG codec
  3. Limited effects in my patch


Two notes…

  • Unrelated, but you may want to update to the latest VDMX
  • VTDecoderXPCService is the process in which the OS does decoding of certain video streams, such as PhotoJPEG. You’ll probably get better performance switching to a more modern codec codec, especially for HD footage. In particular you may want to try HAP.