Window inputs doesn't apear after OS X Catalina upgrade


Hey Guys!, I’m having a problem with window input menu. Using early versions of VDMX under OS X Mojave, window input works fine.

Now under 10.15 Catalina I can only detect VDMX windows and other called ‘Dock’.
I made a clean install of VDMX (b0., but nothing appears to be right.
I attached images with my problem.





With a quick test this seems to be working as expected in Catalina for us – see attached screenshot.

A few quick notes:

  1. You may need to go into Security & Privacy and make sure that you have given VDMX permissions in Privacy.

  2. Send us a bug report if you are still having issues. This will send us your full system profile and recent console logs.



Thanks. I finally found a solution. I hope this info help someone else.

1.- On terminal, I restarted the screen capture options.

tccutil reset ScreenCapture

2.- On VDMX I forced access to screen capture on Vid In > Displays and check in the enable box for ‘Screen 0’.


Thanks for the support.