Will I get dropped frames if I re-encode a HAP 60fps file?

I have a HAP video I have created and I have to add another 1 minute of footage to the end of the file, but I dont have the original source clips.

If I drop the HAP 60fps file into something like adobe premiere, then add the additional material to the end then re-render it, will I retain my full 60fps, or will the software drop some of the frames?

I ask because there is some very fast stroboscopic material in the content that if any frames get dropped will be quite evident.

Thanks in advance.

Hey Streamline,

I think that would be the case, presuming that your Premiere project was set to work at 60 fps.

However, it is worth noting that when you re-export, you will essentially be re-transcoding that original material, reducing its quality even further. If you are planning to strictly append new material to your clip, potentially you can encode it to the same format as your original clip, and then use QuickTime Player 7 Pro (or a similar utility app) to stitch the files together and save as a new self contained movie.