Wiimote is not detecting

Working alongside the video tutorial for using the Wii controller (Wiimote). Bluetooth connects it with no problem, but when I select Wiimote in PlugIns / + and double-click Wiimote 1, I click Detect. It says Detect clicked!, but never says 100% as in the tutorial video. I’ve tried two different computers and two different Wii remotes. All I get is all four Wiimote lights flashing, and detect says ‘No remote found, detect halted’.

In Preferences / Bluetooth it says ‘connected’, but I notice that in the tutorial video, David’s goes to disconnected after making a pairing change that I don’t have the option to make. I’m using 10.13.4 High Sierra on a 2016 Macbook Pro. Thoughts?

Hey JohnnyB,

A few quick notes / suggestions.

First off, whenever you are having any kind of problem with VDMX, your best bet is to send a bug report via the Help menu – this will send us Console log information and other useful system informations.

With regard to WiiMotes…

  • Note that VDMX does not work with the “motion plus” WiiMote and we probably won’t be adding support for them.

  • This is what usually works best for me,

    1. Delete any setup for the WiiMote in Bluetooth / System Preferences.

    2. Launch VDMX and add a WiiMote plugin.

    3. Click the ‘detect’ button in the WiiMote plugin.

    4. Press the red button under the battery case on your WiiMote.

  • Searching through my archives a while back, one user who had WiiMote trouble reported they had to do this on their system to get it to work,

    1. Delete paired record from Bluetooth preferences

    2. Go straight to VDMX and load the Wiimote plugin

    3. Hit the 1+2 buttons (didn’t bother with red sync button)

    4. A pairing-with-passcode dialog will pop up. Entered “0000”

    5. Now the Wiimote IS connected with VDMX.

I am literally more excited than my boys at Christmas. It totally worked! I can now live switch between cams!!! Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!

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Okay so let’s now flip this into a thread about what people are using WiiMotes (and other game controllers?) for with VDMX.

Screenshots / videos?

Here is a tutorial from a while back:

I plan to use mine for switching camera angles while filming myself.

My wife plans to use it to switch slides for her VDMX ‘PowerPoint’

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