Why is Rutt Etra resolution limited to 200 x 200?

Just wondering why the Rutt Etra fx is limited to 200 x 200? Its more than capable of going up to HD res and its a little annoying having to edit the QC patch to allow this independently. For what its worth you used to be able to edit the parameter limit in VDMX to overcome the limitation however that doesn’t seem to work anymore.

Side note, for some odd reason when I try to edit the original QC patch and save I get a weird error that won’t let me save the patch. I have to create a copy instead. Not that big of a deal but thought id mention that. QC/Apple bug maybe?

No particular reason – we included the original FX as vade originally made it as an example, which was several years ago at this point… maybe we’ll tweak it a bit for a future update. That said, some of the modes don’t perform very well at high resolutions.

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Ah yes, if you want high res to work well you should definitely not make elements too big and turn off vertex smoothing

seems like mostly element size is what kills performance though. I wonder why? regardless of size we’re still rendering the same number of elements. I’m sure this could be optimized. Maybe @_vade has more info on that?