Where is the Built-in Vuo sources?



I’m reading this document and it says
VDMX offers a number of built-in media files and video sources that are quickly accessible in the “Use Source:” pop-up button in the layer source UI. If you want your Vuo composition to be listed here, place it in the “vuoSources” folder in your VDMX Assets folder (choose “Open Assets Folder in Finder” from VDMX’s “Help” menu).

but I cannot find this folder, and any Vuo sample files. If I create a folder and place any vuo files here, VDMX can load it. but this is definitely not offered by VDMX…



You might have to create the VuoSources folder. In VDMX go to Help / Open Assets Folder in Finder, this will open the Assets folder. Create a new folder called VuoSources, quit and reopen VDMX and then you will see the Vuo Sources folder in the Use Source list.