Where is my serial number? Install New computer

Where do I find my serial #, I’m setting up a new Mac Studio.

to add:I searched the forum, website for info. I installed a different version on my old mac to see if the serial pops up, but I can’t find anything, checked all the pull down menus. And I used the help form within VDMX. I have a newer address than when I purchased, I added that to the request.

So I found a form to get the registration info, which works. Except the email address I had purchased with is long extinct, so it seems my account is not tied to my address. I hope this can be fixed. Fingers crossed!


and contact support.

I did both first thing yesterday.

Still no response from Support, how long does it normally take?

Emailed support again, hopefully this gets through!

Got one this AM, just saw it. Thanks!