What tutorials would you like to see next!?


We’re moving from 2021 to 2022. We know its been an interesting year for much of our community out there. That being said, what new tutorials would you like to see in 2022?

Whether you’re a VDMX beginner or pro. Post here and let us know what you’re curious about?


-The VIDVOX Team



There’s a huge amount of info and tips in the tutorials but there are a couple of things I would like to see:

Audio Routing update – This is an area which in the past has caused crashing for me so an up to date review of the various methods could be useful for old and new users. I’ve used various apps like Soundflower and Sound Siphon and am currently using Loopback from Rogue Amoeba. Useful for studio work, recording output and music people.

Do Math – Another look into math functions and expressions for controlling precise animations. This is a a deep subject and somewhat of a dark art. It would be good to see a full list of the supported expressions and a continuation of how they could be used. David covered this in Applying Math Expressions to Slider Receivers in 2014 showing some expressions and techniques to get you started but I’m sure there is so much more to explore. Try this on a slider – Data source: Clock / MeasurePosition with Do Math: ($VAL50/100)**($VAL2.5) + add a Number FX chain of a little Fall and Smooth & Wrap. This will give you a hold a pop heart beat. Loads to explore here and very easy to replicate and save to a text file for later use. Easier than remembering what you did with that LFO :slight_smile:



I am struggling my whole life to find good ways to make complex live sets. In the end I only do basic VJing and don’t use 99% of the stuff that is available to me. So I’d be interested in how to combine audio + video (from Ableton preferably) … never got my head around this.

So many possibilities with MIDI, OSC … now that we are able to run both apps on a MacBook without stuttering / hiccups / freezes and audio glitches (thank you M1!) this is something I am interested in again and would love to find new workflows for audio visual sets.



+1 on more explorations regarding math functions.


  • Explorations on video capture/how to use VDMX output in projects like music videos or films
  • More demo projects/walkthroughs of how people are using VDMX out in the wild. Workflows are always inspirational
  • Video tutorials examining the uses for various effects in more detail
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Just to add an other solution for audio routing, Audinate has made VIA which allows to share IO between application. So I’m able to run ableton and vdmx on the same computer with audio analysis.

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– Fx organization / optimization.

There are many fx that have multiple versions making it hard to find things sometimes.

Some have different controls that suit users needs different so i understand the duplicated - but others, its not clear if one is more optimized over the other.

I spent a few days going through most of them, organizing things, sometimes renaming them and it made a big difference for me. might help others.