What is this 'smearing' artifact called?


Hello. When moving a video around, I sometimes get a sort of light-tunnel smearing effect/glitch when it reaches part of the canvas. I’m sure this is common since I’ve run into it a lot but I don’t know what it’s called. If I knew what to call it, I could look up best practices on how to avoid it.
Here’s a video where you can see it happening on the right and bottom as the shape gets near the edge.



Your visuals are essentially going out of the frame, and instead of showing a black edge it is spreading the image (smear), you can recreate this look with the Clamp FX.

People also do this in after effects with the Slitscan plugin: https://aescripts.com/slitscan/



I would have a play with Super Smear and Sorting Smear.



You could also try Vuo Streak Image (sample FX attached).

To install:

  1. Open VDMX assets folder: ~/Library/Application Support/VDMX
  2. Create a new folder named VuoFX
  3. Copy the StreakImage.vuo FX into VuoFX folder
  4. Open VDMX
  5. Load the StreakImage FX located within the Vuo list

Vuo-Streak-Image.zip (82.9 KB)



Thanks, folks. I’m trying to avoid the streak effect but I have used it on-purpose before. I use Layer Position to move videos around the canvas often in layers that use other layers as sources. This seems to cause the out-of-frame smear, probably because of the nested layers. I’m sure I’ll sort out some kind of work around but I appreciate at least knowing what to call it. Thanks.