Welcome to the VIDVOX forums!

Hello new friends!

Today we are very excited to introduce the new VIDVOX forums, an online community for visual artists and performers.

Along with the latest news and announcements from us, this is a place where people can share links to their own work, find and give help, discuss ideas for projects, seek out collaborators, and have various other conversations related to the field of live visual performance.

If you’ve just joined, please feel free to make a new post with tag ‘introductions’ and tell us all a little bit about yourself. If you’d rather not, it is also okay just to read the posts from other people!

Thanks for stopping by, hope to see you around!

  • Dave & Ray

PS. For those who have used our forums in the past, for this reboot we have decided to archive and lock the old forums rather than import them into the new system. You can still find the old material at this new location: https://vidvox.net/oldforums

PPS. We are also active on other social media platforms, should you like to join us in those communities as well:

404 on that URL: https://vidvox.net/oldforums

Oh yup, that’ll be the link once we actually get around to archiving and locking the old forums – right now the new forums are in soft launch mode and the old ones are still up at their old location. Sorry for the confusion, totally jumped the gun on the post here :wink:

No sweat. I’m like the house cleaner come too early. Love the new forum look and feel.

hey guys, feature request, is there a default way that external forum links open in a new tab/window ? or is that down to the individual user or poster ?

Good call on the external links defaulting to a new tab. Looks like we can do this across the board with a single toggle… if people find this annoying we can open it up to a poll.

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nice one :) poll could be a smart way forward if people have other preferences

Check out the Site Feedback (http://discourse.vidvox.net/c/site-feedback) category for the couple of polls I’ve started so far. Feel free to start off some new threads there as you come up with other suggestions.

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I’m still kind of bummed that the old forum isn’t completely functional. It’s a valuable resource for prior research. Example: CutMod’s Ratchet and Throttle qtz plugins.

404 on qtz files linked in the thread:



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Also, may I request a simple redirect be put in place to rewrite urls? Many are still in google’s search results that now go to the discourse 404 page.

Rewrite: https://www.vidvox.net/forums/viewtopic.php?
TO: https://vidvox.net/oldforums/viewtopic.php?

David, we may have discussed this elsewhere.

The oldforum is still a value for those of us trying to piece together the howtos of prior art. Even with the deprecation of 32 bit plugins, the forum archive is sometimes the only place old quarts plugins are located.

Someone was asking me for CutMods old Throttle.qtz plugin on Facebook, but the Download links on the oldforum don’t work.

Can that file archive be made available or the downlink made to work on the oldforum? I can help with htaccess rules if need be.

hi guys, any idea how to find “throttle” and “Ratchet” plugins for vdmx? or maybe there are smth new with same effects? thanks in advance