Waveclock alternatives solutions/workarounds so we don't have to run it in rosetta on Apple Silicon, M1 M2)

Running VDMX in Rosetta is not a feasible way to run due to the interface lag. I don’t think I’m alone in this. So what can we do to get around this until our very appreciated developers can create a solution?

If running VDMX in Rosetta is causing interface lag, you’re not alone. Until the developers find a solution, you could try alternative software or explore different settings/configurations to minimize the lag.

This sounds like a bot post, please confirm that you are human, as you simply repeated the question they asked.

I’ve been looking for alternatives for Waveclock and haven’t found anything as good. Most alternatives are too unreliable and Wavesum haven’t been answering support emails for a long time. I don’t see an alternative so it’s back to tapping in the tempo for the time being.

But for the lucky ones out there with access to the new Pioneer CDJ3000 + DJM-A9 ($$$$) you could look at the bridge software to get track info including BPM across the wired or possibly wireless network.

I did not know that Waveclock is available standalone. I have downloaded the app from wavesum.net and I am going to try running the Waveclock app and setting VDMX clock to receive BPM from the MIDI bus.

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I didn’t think of that … seems to work Ok using Waveclock and Wavetick without the Rosetta popping up. Just select “To VDMX” for the MIDI output device :)

23.07.05-Main Output-09.45.37_H264_GIF_0

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