WANTED: VDMX5 Consultant NYC


I’m looking for a VDMX5 tutor. I have a personal system that uses VDMX5 (for projection, dmx, etc.) but my previous tutor is no longer available. I need a new tutor who can get to Lower East Side Manhattan.

My System:

  • Macbook Pro
  • VDMX5
  • Two projectors (monitotrs)
  • PA sytem (sound)
  • (X2) Chauvet DJ SlimPar 56 LED DMX Slim Par Can

What I need :

  • general tutor to get to know my system and help me when I have questions
  • trouble shoot issues with my DMX cues
  • General best practices: Set-up interface in way that makes sense for me, saving and backing-up, preloading media, etc.


  • 100 USD a session
  • Session is 2 hours long


  • Live in NYC and can come to the lower east side
  • Knowledgeable and experienced

Link To View My AV System

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Looks like your Video link isn’t working.



thank you! I’ll update

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