Vuo... how to use it with 3D objects?


Hey this is cool, I have been following around, thanks as well id_mora for the tips.

Also, I came across a weird vuo problem; when trying to create “new composition from template -> protocol -> image generator” I couldn’t get any basic shape (whether obj or dae) to show up… only had a black image. Yet if I created a simple composition and then went to Edit -> protocols -> image generator, things would show up. Not sure if I missed a simple thing or its a bug in my Vuo.

Anyway, following this simple 3D object and lighting… do you happen to know how to connect a camera in that same Vuo composition? I’m curious about using it to then fly around a 3d object from VDMX… Although I presume a similar result could be obtain simply by changing the position/rotation of that object, but if you have multiple objects, a camera might be easier or offer more interesting results?

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Maybe upload your scene so I can check.

Regarding the camera… well… I successfully added a camera. But in the end it didn’t work out so well (couldn’t rotate the 3D object anymore …) - I abandoned the testing. But let’s find out and build some nice scene to fly around ;)



No problem man,I’m happy it works out for you. Yes, all the Image generator compositions for vdmx work a little bit different, the Time is the main input. Even though if you would connect to to Allow first instead it would the same way. The nodes just need something to ‘start’ them.
Wow,nice set up you have, I’m on 2017 MBP 13" so it doesn’t go so smooth.
Maybe you could try with 1024x1024 images on you 3d model for better quality, your laptop should handle it.



Maybe you can upload a scene with a texture you are working with so we can compare framerates? I will try later with Blender. Gotta learn how to work with textures in Blender first though… I have never used UV mapping and stuff like that with Blender.



Thats strange its not working from template. I never tried though. I always just open a new composition and than change it in Protocols. You can connect camera the same way as the Lighting. Vuo undesrtands it as an another 3d object.

If you’d only have one object it would be the same thing. either camera or an object rotating. But if there are multiple objects in the composition, it would be camera flying around two still objects or the other still camera seeing two rotating objects.



We were talking about 3D scenes we could fly through earlier. I suppose since Vuo doesn’t offer other camera views as we are used to in applications like Blender (top down, front etc.) it is best to arrange everything in Blender and export the whole scene with all the objects we need/want? I saw there is a node which lets me access child objects.

Is this the “workflow”? Modelling, arranging complete worlds in Blender and then export as single object with childrens which then can be animated in Vuo?



Oh, you know what, I was just about to upload a zip with two compositions so you could see the bug (one with protocols ‘template’ and one with protocols from edit menu) but I think the problem is the file path to the object… As example, after I saved the template composition, re-added the .obj (dragging on the comp) after having moved it in the same folder, it shows up when I run it. So I guess the problem was related to the file path…

Onward to thinking about cameras :thinking:

On that note, I came across one time a guy who created an elaborate Quartz Composer composition that allowed him to ‘fly through’ different preset points around a 3d scene. It was all controllable from VDMX, he even had the VDMX template for it. It looked pretty cool… been wanting to mess around with it but never did. That’s why now I’m curious about Vuo and possibly a smoother kind of fly through camera.



I remember… I think the guy was called robbytron or something like that - was super nice!

edit: found it I think



Here is the file of this post:



Yes, the Object with children is cool but I think that wasn’t the workflow if I remember right. When I export for example face as a 3d model with eyes as children objects, vuo doesn’t respect the Blender scale nor the position, you still have to adjust it manually in Vuo. The cool thing is that than you can animate them separately, put a different effect on each children object and yet for example rotate the model as whole.
(I think the baked animations would change the game)

I always used max.3 objects with low verteces number to keep it running smooth but maybe importing complex scene would work on yours.



Bumping into something again … which doesn’t seem to be possible - sadly: Disabling nodes / objects. Would be nice to enable / disable certain objects within a comp. There is again a voting happening …but they have not yet confirmed they will ever implement this. What a bummer. Do you have a workaround? Obviously bypassing nodes would be best… I supposs working with translate to remove it from the field of view?



Hhmmmm…i dont know…the only things that occurs to me for disabling object would be maybe using Select Input node and publish the Which port. And than in Edit details as it only gives you option between the two 1-2, vdmx will respect that and you will have your separate slider in vdmx where you can choose 1 or 2, to say to see the object or not. I dont know if its the best way, maybe there is some other node. The best would be to ask in vuo forum, I dont use vuo on daily basis, so I know basics and a little more.
to disable the node I would go around the same way…for example if you use some 3d effect node lets say
Ripple 3d object, i would publish the port that does the effect like Amplitude and Wavelength and publish it with 0 value but in edit details give between 0 and some amount and than adjust the amount of effect in vdmx manually. Maybe that would work?



Wow! Yes! That seems like a super nice workaround and also opens so many possibilities (exchanging models on the fly should work, right?). Super handy!



yes, it should. There was a node like this in Quartz, I can’t remember…Multiplexer maybe?



In Vuo maybe Cycle through List node or one of the nodes that comes up when you search Multiplexer in Vuo, see attached (they have made it so that you can search patches as you would in Quartz Composer and it brings up the Vuo equivalent). In QC I’ve used a Multiplexer to switch between 3D models.

BTW the Vuo forums are super helpful and quick to respond if you need specific Vuo feedback, would be helpful for other users too if you post any questions on there :slight_smile:



Managed to include an ISF into my Vuo comp - this is quite fun!! Really powerful.

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