Vuo FX not working with Big Sur (11.2.3)



Can someone test the attached Vuo FX in Big Sur 11.2.3 (its a simple Greyscale FX). None of my Vuo FX are working since updating to Big Sur (MBP Intel).

The Vuo FX should be located in ~/Library/Application Support/VDMX/vuoFX/

File: Vuo (1.3 KB)



After you updated to Big Sur, did you completely reinstall VDMX or did you let it float over from the installation. (It’s usually good to fresh install after an OS update, imo).



On my MBP at the moment, need to test it on my studio machines. The MBP was an upgrade (not a fresh install of the OS). I’ve moved the Vuo plugins and FX out of the VDMX assets folder and tested it with a single FX and plugin. Both crashed VDMX. I will see if I can replicate it on another machine tomorrow. All my machines are on 11.2.3 now and Intel. Will do a clean VDMX install now on the MBP.



No joy, I renamed my ~/Library/Application Support/VDMX -> VDMX_bak, reinstalled VDMX and added the basic Grayscale Vuo FX. When I select the Vuo FX VDMX hangs. Will test on a second machine in the morning.



I got the same thing. Beach ball hangs after a few seconds. I’ve been having an issue related to VDMX integration with Vuo so I tested several things.

VDMX won’t load any Vuo compositions made with newer versions than 2.1.2. but as you might know, Vuo 2.1.2 doesn’t work property in Big Sur. And if you have Vuo newer than 2.1.2 installed on your Mac, VDMX won’t respond no matter what version of your Vuo composition. It just simply doesn’t work. For now, it seems the only way to walk around is exporting Vuo composition to FFGL plugin.

It’s been over 5 months since Vuo 2.2.0 has released, 8 months since the first Big Sur beta. VDMX needs an update.

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It sounds like it’s on its way!

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Oh this is great news… waiting desperately for an update, there’s also an epic bug where VDMX doesn’t remember MIDI mapping with Vuo files… did they confirm one is coming???



@ProjectileObjects anything you know about this that we don’t know? Desperate…



I think the best solution is to switch back to Catalina or Mojave for the time being. A lot of things have slowed down including patches and updates due to the current situation. And as far as I understand the developers work on other projects outside of VDMX so I think we have to be patient and wait our turn. Maybe not the answer you need but I’ve found workarounds for my data sources using OSC, not a fix for Vuo media tho.

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Thanks @2bitpunk! I’m on High Sierra so this is unrelated to OS issues, and more Vuo compatibility issues. My main gripe is the complete lack of communication, a simple message just to let us know the roadmap would help a lot. Thanks for the answer.

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But you should be fine on High Sierra, maybe step Vuo back to an earlier version if you can and re-save your files. Vuo 2.0.3 would most likley be the safe version for VDMX b8.7.2.4



Thanks @2bitpunk. Yeah I’m using Vuo 2.2.1, so will try downgrade (which is already annoying since the later versions of Vuo are more stable and I’m already avoiding use of certain nodes that are not compatible) plus the MIDI Mapping doesn’t work without a workaround to “RUN VUO FILES IN SEPARATE PROCESSES” in any of the versions which is really slow to trigger and not good for live visuals.

But the fact that that VDMX just don’t reply to support emails - I sent SIX emails to David / support and got ONE reply at the beginning of January and nothing since then! It’s really concerning.

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We have your latest email. Hopefully David should respond to you today.



Ok thanks for letting me know