Visual artists in Bangkok

I am searching for video and CGI artists based in Thailand (and around) to participate in a live music event. I am not looking for a professional approach but artists who are interested in presenting their own ideas collaborating with a new musician.
The event will be at the end of June so the time is tight.
As we will propose to the artists to perform with a musician, digital artists with live performance experience is a plus. The music will be in the style of minimal electronic.
Please send me a link to your work if you’re interested.

Hi there-

I could be interested, though I’m based in Seoul.
My work can be seen here: f:::up (@f___up) • Instagram photos and videos

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Thank you for your interest.
Unfortunately Seoul is out of the range for this project but it’s nice to meet you.

Fair enough, nice meeting you as well! Let me know if there are any events to consider in the future. I visit Thailand periodically because it’s amazing and relatively nearby!