Video to DMX with RGBW - How to?


I am converting a video stream to DMX lights. (RGBW not RGB)
I am sending the data from VDMX to a 32 Channel (8x 4 channels RGBW) DMX controller sampling areas of a video for color (NDI in), so nothing unusual in concept.
Technically it seems to work, except that V2DMX only supports RGB (not RGBW), so besides not having while, my RGB channels are getting mixed after the 1st fixture (since it starts the second fixture on Channel 4 not Channel 5 and so on. Does anyone know how to get around this issue (how to skip a blank, or do this with different layers)?

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I’m working on the same sort of project. I have SK6812 LED tapes which are RGBW.
-Learning about VDMX and imagining dual outputs… so could potentially have different patterns running on RGB and White.
Also would appreciate any help patching arrays of LED pixels from the Main output. I’ve got 3 universes, over 1200 4-channel pixels. I have to imagine there is a shortcut / batch mode for adding them as DMX lights but haven’t found anything online yet.