Video Recorder not generating Thumbnails

Used to generate thumbnails immediately after I stopped recording. I can’t test now but it may have something to do with the ‘Sync contents with folder on disk’ checkbox in the corresponding page inspector. Is this a known issue?
Screen Shot 2023-05-18 at 2.50.14 PM


It’s possible your files are syncing to the media bin before they are finished (and create a thumbnail).

Can you manually update the thumbnail for these video files in the workspace manager under media?

The problem has gotten worse than just thumbnails - when triggering newly recorded clips, the layer will ‘hang’, only displaying a still of the previously played clip, never starting the new clip.
So yes, it does seem like they are syncing before they are finished.
I have confirmed this issue does not persist when unchecking the ‘Sync contents with folder on disk’ box.
It seems like the syncing feature should be disabled while a video recorder is running, and re-enabled a few seconds after the recording stops.

My project has 3 media bins and 3 movie recorders so I have more testing to do…

The Sync contents with disk folder is behaving correctly, as it is looking for new content.

There’s an option in the movie recorder to add clips to a specific bin after they are finished.

So you can change your record folder to something else (that is not synced) and let the clips update when completed.