Video output devices thread


Same as the other one.

  • What are your favorite video capture devices and why?
  • What are the new video capture devices that you are curious to check out?

Ive been using Blackmagic Mini monitor for outputting SDI for a while now and overall happy but notice it can start to lag slow down computer and long amounts of time.

I have switched to a basic HDMI > SDI now without any problems.


PS We’ll have some added thoughts on this subject soon, as we are adding some support for eGPUs. Notes on that to follow. :sunglasses:


I’m still working on NDI to Raspberry Pi over ethernet. The Pi basically becomes a low latency RJ45 to HDMI adapter. (Rumors that NewTek will drop ARM support for NDI :( so it may be over soon ). But there is a working build of TCPSyphon to the Pi. Haven’t tested it yet!


Got a link to a tutorial on how to set this up? Or maybe make a new thread with instructions? Seems like a great usage of NDI.


At the moment NDI is broken on the Pi and NewTek isn’t helping. This forum link. Apparently the Pi isn’t powerful enough to support 1920x1080p60 NDI so NewTek isn’t working on it. If you want to test TCPSyphon to the Pi and back make a PocketVJ and keep up to date with the repo here. Marc just added OSC, and we updated the calls and there’s now a TouchOSC template for it.


Looks like they have a new (as of 091518) Embedded SDK with arm support. I just happened to be googling around this topic to see if I could put some older RPis to use.