Video codecs for VDMX in iOS/iPadOS

Hello there…
Mobile devices getting more powerful and full of storage… :)
so… so I started to store my favorite content on my new devices…
But a lot of codecs are not shown in file browser… :(

are there already any tips

  • what codec to use to be displayed on iOS
  • and runs good in VDMX without being converted after dropping them from your device?

Hey Akabuki!

You can find some notes on video codecs for VDMX here:

As far as I am aware, when you capture video on iOS / iPadOS, it is encoded as h.264 or h.265, both of which can be used in VDMX. I don’t know if any other formats are supported on these platforms, it might be the only option for this workflow.

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