Vertex shaders that render as points

Hello, everyone!
I wonder if ISF shaders support vertex shaders that render as points? I couldn’t find this info in the docs.
I want to make a storm of particles, which store their states in a framebuffer. Something like this

Maybe that helps? Got it from here: Shader - Shadertoy BETA

Your link is not showing anything for me sadly

Thank you for your suggestion!

Unfortunately, your shader doesn’t use a framebuffer. It just takes time and particle index and calculates this particle coordinates. Then it has to measure distance from every pixel to every of these points, so to decide, light the pixel or not.

It’s not effective, 600 particles are already slow, 1000000 are impossible.

Here is a link to a rendered video of webgl shader, which moves 1M particles with ease

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So, this is not currently possible BUT it is something we’ve discussed for v3 of the ISF specification… so maybe in the future. We’ve definitely seen some cool stuff out there with those kinds of techniques.

Originally we were hoping to get v3 of the spec done for just OpenGL, but now it is looking like we need to plan for handling Metal / Vulkan / OpenGL pipelines as part of that, so it’ll probably be a while before that major revision sees the light of day, but if you’d like I can link you to the original draft version to peep.

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It would be nice, thank you!
I wonder if ISF can render polygons or lines with theirs positions kept in a buffer?

wouldn’t mind a peep at that v3 draft myself :nerd_face:

Hi David!
Where I can suggest some features for v3 of ISF? I uploaded some fragment shaders here and would like to be a ISF Beta Tester for new version. Would be nice to use libraries like glisify. I can understand you are busy with the pipeline. How is Windows version going? Thanks for your work. Cheers